Process Simulation Kit & Cards

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A fun way to experience both Agile and Lean tools, learn how to work smarter, not harder!

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Product Description

Designed to facilitate learning-through-discovery, the Process Simulation Activity kit provides a scalable and effective way to bring agile and lean continuous improvement learning to life! The simulation activity for between 5 to 8 participants delivers tactile, simple and effective learning of technical tools and team roles and behaviours.
Leverage the small group size required to immediately recoup the cost of the kit; the ability to deliver training in-house & on-demand eliminates the costs and logistics of managing venues, travel & participant availability that are typically incurred when catering for larger group sizes.

Process Simulation Kit – A specially selected set of LEGO® construction components for field proven team simulation activities. Supplied in a robust, compact container that is integrated into the simulation activity.

Assembly Cards– A set of A4 sized cards used to run the simulation. Beautifully printed on robust card and celloglazed for repeated use.

*There are no consumables involved in running the simulation.

Note: The Process Simulation Activity kit does not come with any kind of instructor’s manual. Training in how to facilitate workshops using the simulation kit can be obtained through Gestaltix Pty Ltd.