Courier Capers Simulation Kit

$950.00 inc. GST

A fun way to experience agile and lean tools, learn how to work smarter, not harder!

Product Description

Designed to facilitate learning-through-discovery, the Courier Capers Simulation kit provides an immersive gamified experience that brings agile and lean continuous improvement learning to life! The simulation activity caters for 9 to 18 participants, and provides an interactive, simple and effective way to learn technical tools and team roles and behaviours.

Simulation Kit – The Courier Capers kit is supplied in a robust and professional vinyl mailbag to transport and then quickly pack-up components. The kit includes all the materials needed to ‘open the bag & run’:

  • Employee mats, name tents, signs with stands & ID tags on matching lanyards
  • Customer mats, signs with stands, assorted package cards & ID tags on matching lanyards
  • Consumable supplies for 10 simulation rounds*
  • PDF file for printing of all handouts used

*Pre-printed envelopes are the only simulation consumable.

Note: The Courier Capers Simulation kit does not come with any kind of instructor’s manual. Training in how to facilitate workshops using the simulation kit can be obtained through Gestaltix Pty Ltd.