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‘Ready to go’ Online training, Checklists, Templates and mobile App to structure & implement Team COVID Cleaning Routines!

Product Description

Clean4COVID – REAL-TIME combines real-time tracking technology with online team training to structure, establish and monitor team COVID cleaning Routines!

The Learn Play Do cloud-based eLearning platform is customised to the desired Corporate style, with the gamified and interactive content providing 20 minutes of hands-on, experiential learning in the key principles and practices of the lean ‘5S’ method. The 5S method structures the implementation of team COVID cleaning Routines so all of the Team is engaged, wherever and whenever they are working.

The branded, editable Checklists and Templates included provide a ‘system of work’, a tangible pattern of routines to being undertaken, supported by mobile App technology to identify, highlight and track any gaps to be actioned by the Team in real-time.

A Mobile App* using custom Checklists & Templates provides real-time visibility and tracking across your location. The technology enables digital ‘system cross-checking’, tracking and recording in real-time that Routines are being undertaken, with gaps identified able to be instantly shared and actioned with the Team. Reporting and review is supported through on-demand analytics and reporting.
*The cost of individual App licences is not included, please Contact Us for a quote to suit your location.

Clean4COVID – REAL-TIME engages your Team in real time, providing the Training, Checklists, Templates, and real-time technology needed for them to bring cleaning Routines to life in the most efficient and practical way.