Lean-Six Sigma Green Belt

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Self-paced training in lean-Six Sigma tools and methods!

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Product Description

Learn how to ‘think process’ with best practice Lean-Six Sigma tools and methods!

This interactive, self-paced Lean-Six Sigma Green Belt Quest supports you to learn and also apply the lean-Six Sigma (LSS) roadmap through Missions guided by 1:1 Coaching. Develop your skills and gain a qualification recognising your understanding of the principles of process improvement delivery: Customer, Data and Process.

Course Objectives:
This course is designed for participants to develop knowledge and understanding of process improvement tools & methods so as to apply them in day-to-day work by:

  • Improved understanding of how to work with workplace facts and data
  • Recognising the forms of variation (Special cause & Common cause) and waste
  • Applying tools to analyse and optimise work processes; streamlining & simplifying workflows, shortening lead times and optimising Customer outcomes
  • Applying practical people change management techniques to develop and embed solutions within work teams.

Course Outcomes:
On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Analyse a situation to define the problem
  • Structure & apply the lean-Six Sigma tools to identify the root causes of the problem
  • Identify, plan & apply people change management techniques to gain team involvement & buy-in
  • Plan & implement solutions to address the root causes
  • Establish management controls to sustain the improved performance

1:1 Coaching:
To support progress, Coach contact is available at your fingertips: Post a question, share your progress or schedule a virtual meeting at a convenient time, the Quest platform makes it easy!

Resources included:
Lean-Six Sigma Green Belt course notes (pdf files), unlimited access to Video Lessons and Tutorials covering the core tools & techniques, SigmaXL® data analysis software licence, interactive project support tools (Problem & Goal Statements lookup, lean-Six Sigma Project Metrics lookup, Business Benefits Checklist, Analyse Tools Roadmap, Solution Action Planning form, Project Closeout Checklist), preformatted Tollgate Presentation templates (PPTX files) with key Tool Templates, and many real-life examples of project tollgate presentations.

Following completion of the course, participants receive a lean-Six Sigma Green Belt certificate to recognise their knowledge and understanding.