IDS-Problem Solving Online Course

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The Identify-Define-Solve Course self-paced!

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Product Description

Gestaltix® IDS (Identify, Define, Solve) cuts through much of the complexity often encountered in problem-solving and process improvement methodologies and focuses on the key practical tools and know-how that can be readily implemented within workplaces.

This interactive, action-learning Quest provides Missions for you to understand and apply* each of the key problem solving tools, integrated into the lean “A3 Report” roadmap.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify when there are problems to be solved
  • Apply and practice problem-solving tools and habits
  • Understand how to identify root causes
  • Gain first-hand experience in continuous improvement teamwork.

1:1 Coaching: to support your progress, contact is available at your fingertips: Post a question, share your progress or schedule a video call at a convenient time, the Quest platform makes it easy!

Resources: included as downloads – IDS Participant Guide, Templates for all Tools and ‘A3 Report’ worked examples.

Qualifications: Participants receive a lean Problem Solving training certificate following course completion.

*Course activities utilise materials & props that are commonly available in the household.