Professional Development Units (PDUs)

If you hold Project Management Institute (PMI)-certification, fulfilling the ongoing "Continuing Certification Requirements" (CCR) is achieved by completing Professional Development Units (PDUs).

There are two broad categories under which PDUs can be claimed:

  • Education
  • Giving Back

Participants in Gestaltix courses who are PMI credential holders can submit a claim for the respective course PDUs under these categories via the PMI web site

Gestaltix courses yield one PDU for each hour spent engaged in the course, with the total PDU's able to be claimed for each course regulated by the type of PMI certification held. Refer to the individual Course details for information on the maximum PDUs able to be claimed.

Guidance on how to evidence & submit a claim for course PDUs is detailed in the PDU Claim Guide included with Gestaltix Course materials.


Individual self-paced online or
Group sessions face-to-face!

General FAQs

Disclaimer: The information on this page is general in nature and may not take into account your personal situation. It is best to check out the PMI’s CCR Handbook that outlines PDU activities and associated policies. You should consider whether this information is appropriate to your situation, and where appropriate, seek official advice from PMI directly.