Gestaltix Lean-Six Sigma services

Gestaltix Deployment


Make sure all the right pieces are in play for your program to succeed. Baseline and calibrate your program against the Six Sigma ISO standard model elements.


Lean-Six Sigma deployments return a minimum of 10 the investment. We can show you how to set up for success & optimise the value-in-use from your efforts from the get-go!


"All improvement happens project-by-project and in no other way.” (Juran). Our project workflows, 1:1 Coaching and resources rapidly build the hands-on skills to deliver results.

Gestaltix Courses

Lean-Six Sigma

Best practice tools & methods, Build skills & capability, (capacity and ability) to deliver Bottom line results, Improve Customer Experience

Problem Solving

Ready-to-go problem solving courses: Lean A3-Report, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), FMEA, and 5-Whys. Rapidly democratise the knowledge & skills.

Fast Track

Structure and pull forward the delivery of Do-Now & Get Fit, initiatives. Leverage best-practice Lean-Six Sigma governance for results assurance.

We can help you get started!



Our first step is to "define the problem" and determine the right options for your situation.

  • Understand the current context & baseline
  • Identify the business objectives & outcomes
  • Identify gaps & critical success factors
  • Map the solution elements required



We’ll create an approach that is fit-for-purpose with agreed deliverables & outcomes.

  • Design the implementation pathway(s) & workplan
  • Identify the investment required and returns multiple (ROI)
  • Formalise the 'call to action'



We will work flexibly with you to implement & fulfil the promise.

  • Launch with quick wins
  • Implement process & organisational change
  • Build & transfer skills & capabilities
  • Governanace & to track & assure delivery
  • Deliver the results & business benefits

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