Putting improvement strategies and tools in your hands

Everyone in your organisation has knowledge and experience that can help improve your business. What you need is simple, proven ways to get everyone working together, sharing valuable internal know-how and taking ownership of the continuous improvement process. This is exactly what Gestaltix kits will do for you. Easy to follow, and proven in the field to deliver tangible value-in-use; everyone has a way to offer innovative insights that will add value to your business.
Kit licensee’s include organisations such as NBN Co., Kepner Tregoe (KT) Australasia, Origin Energy, HealthShare NSW, and LINX Cargo Care Group; delivering proven outcomes. Contact us to find out how.

Workshop packages: ‘The kit and just the kit’, modules and courses available to purchase on-line in ready-to-go kit form.
• Bound copy of Facilitator Guide, providing instructions for training delivery and activities
• Presentation slide decks and supporting templates (PDF files)
• All course materials engage participants and facilitate discovery, ideas and ownership of actions
• A range of Visual tools and consumables specifically designed for immediate use in the workplace
Masterclass packages: Masterclass session plus support so your chosen facilitators can rapidly learn ‘how-to’ and deliver results at the same time!
• Facilitators Masterclass face-to-face session supported by unlimited coaching and mentoring.
• Optional co-branding of Guides, Presentation materials and Templates
Read the Masterclass packages FAQ to find out more.

IDS-Problem Solving (Office) workshop package

IDS: practical tools and know-how in a bag!


IDS-Problem Solving workshop package

IDS: practical tools and know-how in a box!


Improvement 123® Full Kit Bundle

Value package of all Improvement 123® kits.
Continuous Improvement out of the box!


Improvement 123®

Continuous Improvement out of the box

In 3 easy to follow kits, Improvement 123® provides everything you need to empower your teams with just the right amount of Lean-based theory, strategy and practical tools so that they can immediately create a succession of lasting improvements. With Improvement 123, everyone has a way to create order, add value and increase the velocity of your business.

IDS-Problem SolvingTM

Solve your own workplace problems

Gestaltix® IDS (Identify, Define, Solve) cuts through much of the complexity often encountered in problem-solving and process improvement methodologies and focuses on the key practical tools and know-how that can be readily implemented within workplaces.
The IDS Masterclass Guide, choice of Process Simulation Kits and train-the-trainer classes make it easy for organisations to put proven tools in the hands of the people who are experiencing the problems, as they are, more often than not, the ones who hold the keys to solving them.

IDS-Fast TrackTM

Structured Improvement Implementation: Leader as Coach

IDS-Fast Track places the IDS approach (or any other skills-building initiative) within a structured, guided process that ensures sufficient participation, authority and support to accelerate implementation of improvements to work practices and work areas. With Fast Track, teams learn together and become self empowered by solving real problems and making valuable improvements – faster.