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Data Analysis Masterclass

Data Analysis Masterclass

A half-day workshop to improve your ‘critical thinking’ skills by learning how to use business data to drive more effective actions. This intermediate level, hands-on workshop provides the disciplines, proven-practices & skills to analyse data and draw conclusions from it. Improving your skills in working with data will enhance the impact of your knowledge and experience when tackling issues such as identifying the drivers of customer satisfaction/ retention, understanding the sources of variation in demand/ supply chains, prioritising where to focus cost reduction efforts/ productivity gains, and more.
To be able to successfully participate in this Group tutorial based session, it is assumed participants:
• can bring along their own business data: Safety, Customer, Operations, Service, Commercial, Purchasing etc.
• are familiar with using Excel (working with formulas and functions, creating charts, sorting and filtering data)
• have access to a laptop with Microsoft Excel 2010 or later

Target Audience

This workshop is suitable for:
• Anyone working with business data who needs to go beyond just reporting where the issues are and start identifying what actions to take
• Anyone involved in continuous improvement activities wanting to build on their existing skills and use data to target effective actions
• Process Improvement practitioners who want to ‘freshen up’ their skills in data analysis with proven tools and techniques

Workshop Details


By the end of this workshop you will have:
• Developed an understanding of the approach to conducting effective data analysis
• Gained knowledge on how to structure and prepare business data for analysis
• Used a range of techniques to summarise and present data to provide a targeted study of key themes and issues.
• Learned how to identify key insights and opportunities from data analysis using summary statistics and graphical techniques

Topics Covered

• Planning data analysis – deciding the data frame, which data is required, along with how much and what type
• Preparing data – how to validate and address the data quality (Complete, Correct and Consistent)
• Data analysis routines – executing analysis using the Practical – Graphical – Analytical method
• Analysis Reporting – which type of graph type to use when, proven practices in data visualisation


• A printed reference summary guide will be provided to each participant
• An Excel Data Analysis Toolkit (XLSX file) containing the essential data analysis tools and techniques
• A Certificate of Completion to recognise the knowledge and understanding gained through attending

Next Session

Fourth Quarter 2020

Venue: On-line Webinar Session
Cost: $450 incl. GST pp

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