In supporting people to undertake Continuous Improvement activities we recognise they want to have the confidence and assurance of achieving the best results within the shortest time possible.

We are here to support you along your Continuous Improvement journey by providing you with industry leading, fit-for-purpose solutions.

Proven Best Practices

We offer access to best practice methods and techniques, the result of which has been greater than $100 Million dollars in tangible returns achieved by our Australian based clients. Our broad experience across many sectors ensures we offer the best in field-tested solutions through DIY kits, Face-to-face Training and online Courses.

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Personal support

We have an unparalleled level of knowledge & experience in using all mainstream Continuous Improvement methods to deliver tangible results. One of our key philosophies is to ensure we provide the support throughout your improvement journey to transfer skills and capabilities at all times.

It is our goal to make sure you are supported and confident to follow the methods, & deliver better outcomes for your Customers & Business.

Know-How & Resources

All Gestaltix products include individual resources such as Course notes, Tool Templates, Process Instructions and How-To Facilitator Guides, saving you time & effort, while also providing the assurance of the fastest pathway to a Return On Investment.

Continued Education and skills building

Gestaltix is committed to the long term relationship in expanding the skills and knowledge, and growing capabilities of both individuals and teams.

Our DIY kits, Train-the-Trainer Masterclasses and On-line short Courses are designed to assist you and your team in every step along the improvement journey!


We are focused on supporting you and your team to achieve results

Our fit-for-purpose solutions are proven to work 'in the field'

We take a modular approach to developing skills

We support end-to-end over the Continuous Improvement cycle

Our practical skills development aims to transfer capabilities

A company founded with one goal - helping people deliver better outcomes for Customers & Business through Continuous Improvement.