Project Support!

Online, Self-paced Project Workflows integrated with 1:1 Coaching!

Project support designed to empower you to deliver results faster!

Self-Paced Content

Each Quest provides self-paced interactive Activities, Videos and Materials that are best practice in skill development!

Access your Quests from any device, the cloud-based platform puts you in control of when, where and how much you progress; take a few hours per week, or more over a month to complete each Quest, the power is in your hands!

Roadmaps & Resources

Quest content is structured into Levels, providing a clear progress roadmap to the individual Missions. Each of the Missions is a learning activity, specifically designed for you to understand, practice and apply the key tools and methods.

Resources included: narrated Video lessons, interactive Activities, Course notes, Tool templates and many real-life examples to keep!

1:1 Coaching Support

Progress through your Quest while directly supported by your 1:1 Coach; interact on the Quest platform or schedule 1:1 time, the choice is yours!

The action-learning based approach provides you with an engaging & interactive way to build your knowledge and skills. Coaching provides the assurance & guidance, giving you the confidence to achieve outcomes!

Quest Screen

Make it Easy to Learn & Apply the Tools!

From our experience, less than 20% of the participants in process improvement or problem solving training classes are then able to independently follow through and achieve tangible outcomes!

Training has a focus on content, this limits the time available to develop the real world 'how to' skills, and Coaching guidance to answer questions afterwards is rarely available.

We have developed specialised learn-by-doing Quests; self-paced online Project Workflows, chock-full of practical 'how-to' & know-how.

Follow the bite-sized Missions in each Quest, supported by a 1:1 Coach and you will confidently develop skills & deliver outcomes!

Personal 1:1 Coaching Support

An experienced Coach makes all the difference!

All Quests include access to your own Personal Coach, literally at your finger tips. Post a question, share your progress or schedule a video call at a convenient time, the Quest platform makes it easy!

Complete the Missions to develop skills and hands-on experience in the tools and methods, supported by Coaching to gain deeper understanding of the Why and the How, and not just the What.

Our best-practice Project Workflows and 1:1 Coaching support are designed to help you deliver results faster!

Quest Coach Screen


"An innovative and fresh take on project workflow! The Quest approach brings the advantages of going digital to traditional Lean-Six Sigma capability building efforts. My Coaching time became more accessible to people and targeted, with my feedback available virtually in real time. This approach has really addressed the barriers, now Coaching is on-demand and end-to-end support is truly in place."

LSS Master Black Belt
Government sector

"I greatly enjoyed Stu's highly engaging and interesting Lean-Six Sigma Green Belt online course. The quality of the course, missions and activities, aided by online learning and 1:1 coaching created a comfortable and interactive learning environment where I was able to learn at my own pace. The insights gained during the course have strengthened my 'process thinking' capabilities that will help drive tangible results and increases in efficiency."

Transformation Consultant
Digital & Business

"Being new to Lean-Six Sigma, I found the Green Belt Certificate course very informative. The online self-paced delivery gave me the flexibility that I needed to balance work and study, with the content concise, clear to follow and very easy to navigate. Coaching support was readily available with practical advice and 'how-to' tips, so now I’m looking forward to applying these new skills in my role. Great course Stu!"

Customer Coordinator
Bulk materials handling industry

"I chose the Green Belt Quest to advance my career in process improvement & so that I am equipped to lead CI projects. The course is well structured, easy to follow and you can complete it at your own pace. The 1:1 Coaching support is on tap when you need it which is great. You don't need to be a data guru or statistician to undertake this training!"

Team Leader
Not-For-Profit Sector

"Stuart was recommended to me and after talking to him I had a great level of confidence that an online course with Coach support would be the right fit for me. Now that I have completed the Green Belt training, I would highly recommend anyone wanting to undertake LSS training to have a chat with Stuart about what his course offers, I doubt you will find this same level of engagement and passion about LSS from any other provider."

Senior Manager
Technology Services sector

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